Life Empowerment Through Art


“I never got to know my parents.  They gave me up for money as a baby and isolated me from siblings and friends… it left me confused, sad, and deeply scarred.”
Art became the medium for me to cope with abandonment, poverty, and instability.  In time, art freed me from the emotional shackles and helped me blossom into the loving woman I am today!”- WaiSin Tong-Darbonne

Would you like to feel more peace, passion & joy in your life? You can begin right now.
Notice which piece attracts you, don’t look from your intellect alone.  View the images here from the eyes of your heart. Take a deep breath and relax your physical and comfort your spirit. Be patient with yourself and let it happen.  Don’t let your ego and doubt block you.

My art & my coaching workshop “Unleash your Creative Healing Power” coming from my passion for life. I want to offer what I learned in my own survival, and my openness to love and be loved. If you succeed in letting these small images touch your heart, just imagine what it would be like to see a full size piece of my art in your home or office, radiating & uplifting you every day. Offering daily nutrition for your spirit!
What a priceless value!
Experience the joy of creativity, as you are guided to harness your energy through the arts. Through rumination and meditation I help you assist you in getting in touch with your spirit through art. Helping you heal emotional pain or loss. Get ready to create an amazing life!

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