Creatures Paintings: This series contains paintings of creatures in both intense and subtle colors. Wai-Sin has a unique talent in being able to imbue each creature with a quality of aliveness, and expression, that keeps the image fresh, no matter how many times one sees it. She is able to always keep the creature true to its natural state. At the same time she sensitively humanizes its psychology and relationship to other creatures in the painting, and to the viewer.

Several series are included in this gallery, including “Bird Series” and “Kitten Series.” Some original paintings are 6 x 8 inches, making display of a whole series of paintings on one wall very possible. On the other hand, the clear details and vividness of color allow the limited edition giclees to be enlarged into a single painting that is big enough to fill a large wall space. (See description in Calligraphy and Asian Landscapes Galleries for a deeper understanding of WaiSin’s style and work.)

"Zen Of Duffy""Lady Bug, Lady Bug, How Do You Do?""You're My Hero""Appreciation of Beauty"Enjoying Fun TimeUnconditional Love