FLORAL-VEGETATION WITH BIRDS: The Floral-Vegetation With Birds Gallery contains vivid paintings with marvelous and intricate detail. It displays Wai-Sin’s mastery of the use of stroke, color, relationship, and living form. The complexity evident in painting some of the details requires tremendous focus and energy sustained through the execution of much of the painting in one sitting. This kind of work can be exhausting for the artist, but extremely gratifying for the viewer.

In this gallery are several series or pairs, including “Lotus Prism,” “Floral and Birds,” and “Vegetation And Birds.” Some of the Floral And Vegetation paintings focus on a beautiful full blossom or aspects of different stages of the life cycle. A number of them also include birds as an important, yet subtle aspect of the subject.

Others focus powerfully and colorfully on the birds themselves, with flowers or vegetation in the background. (See description in Calligraphy and in Asian Landscapes Galleries for a deeper understanding of Wai-Sin’s style and work.)

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