WESTERN LANDSCAPES: Wai-Sin’s Western Landscapes come from her extensive travel and “to see with my eyes and my heart” how nature expresses itself in the Western World in terms of its form, color, energy and spirit. She also studied in Europe and North America the intensity of color often used in Western paintings and its use to convey and evoke a stronger emotional response.

She feels that in both her personal primary relationship life, as well as in her artistic life, “East met West with love, and married, to enhance each other through sharing their difference without losing their identity. Something new and wonderful is born when that happens.”

Her most recent landscapes of western and tropical scenes skillfully integrate more intense Western color with the subtle power of stroke and relationship that are part of her heritage. (See descriptions of Chinese Calligraphy and Asian Landscape Galleries for a greater understanding of the Chinese and Eastern foundation for Wai-Sin’s style as seen in her Western work.)

Serene FreedomNature's Splendor"Celebration of Surrender"Desert WarriorHeaven's Palette