WOMEN OF TAO: The “Women of Tao” gallery demonstrates some of the superb range of Wai-Sin’s artistic skill and her emotional and spiritual awareness. Many of the paintings are autobiographical.

Some come out of deep empathic awareness of feminine struggle, passion, strength, sensitivity and creativity in a woman’s daily life.

Some are of an historical folk style, yet seem alive and present. Others are clearly modern. All of the paintings demonstrate her skillful use of stroke and magnificent sense of detail, color and relationship.

While the women are the central figure, they are seen in relationship to beautiful landscapes, indoor scenes, and other surroundings that are part of their meaningful context. Included in this gallery are several series, including “The Four Seasons,” “Women of Passion,” Feminine Dream States,” and a sub-series that depicts the quality of the special relationship between women and children called “Bonding Moments.”

As with her landscapes, it is often observed that “there are many paintings within one painting.”

Women of Passion Series - 2.Women of Passion Series - Women of Passion Series - Women of Passion Series - Four Seasons Series - "Spring"Four Seasons Series - "Summer"Four Seasons Series - "Autumn"Four Seasons Series - "Winter"Touched by the Music of SpringThe Pause Before CreationSummertime NapFeminine Dream State - Feminine Dream State - Bonding Moment - Feminine Dream State - Feminine Dream State -