CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY: The space is as important as the line. Everything is relationship. Chinese calligraphy is an entire philosophy of life and spirit, expressed through an art form. It is the basis of all Chinese art. It is one of the deepest grounding foundations for warriors of martial arts.

The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy has been shaped by centuries of experience and demands for different form and rules imposed by various rulers and emperors through the ages.

Although there is greater diversity, there are 5 primary forms of calligraphy. Each has a different quality of formality, looseness, rigidity, heaviness, lightness, etc. The boundaries of classical Chinese calligraphy, with it’s traditional limitations of formal lines, black ink, white, or at least one color, backgrounds are artistically stretched by Wai-Sin.

As a master and teacher, her study and knowledge of ancient, as well as modern, calligraphy allows Wai-Sin to express the deepest movement and meaning of calligraphic expression. She uses particular styles to express different feelings and moods associated with the word character. She uniquely combines these characters with colorful abstract backgrounds of seascapes and landscapes, further intensifying their impact.

The finest expression of Chinese calligraphy resembles a spiritual dance. The artist first goes inside in a meditative sense and connects with center, with the energy of Tao, with heaven and earth, with the deepest meaning of the word to be expressed. When ready, the bamboo brush meets and lifts the ink. Now the energy and the image move with the breath from a grounded center, through the spine, shoulders, arm and hand, touching the inked brush to paper, allowing release of the image until the energy and ink are spent.

And it is done. Each piece represents the whole cycle of life- image, gestation, birth, expansion and death, then rest and eventual rebirth. That is why the work of a master calligrapher has such a quality of strength, fluidity and life in it. It is never just an inanimate word.

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