Fortune Cookie Series Background: "I was born in China but very recently became an American citizen. I was surprised and delighted that after meals at many Chinese restaurants here, there is a little ceremony called "Fortune Cookies". This is something that does not exist in China, and was actually invented in the U.S.A. Such a playful meeting of East and West.

I began to look forward to them (and their messages of great wisdom!). As an artist I began to be fascinated by their delicate shape and shadings and sensuous lines, and by their ability to carry a message, many funny, but some profound enough to be taken seriously and carried around or taken home.

Such power this little cookie! I felt called to honor this special blending of East and West with my paint and brush. Bon Appetite!"
Cookie Lines & Volume #6: “Madonna of Good Fortune”“A Fortune Cookie Contemplates the Universe” Cookie Lines & Volume #4: “Stealth Cookie with a Grin”Cookie Lines & Volume #1: “Exploring the Abstract“Freebird of Fortune” Cookie Lines & Volume #3: “Smiling Cookie”Dream Before BreakingBe Awake To See Your TreasureEarth Loves You. Love it BackGive Energy Only To What Your Heart DesiresLive Your Heart's Desire, Success Will Follow